Abstract watercolor painting

I make art because it immerses me in the world and quiets my mind. Because I make art, I see my environment differently. I pay closer attention to the colors, shapes and volumes around me. I find beauty.

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As my life changes, so does my art. That’s particularly true because I have secondary-progressive MS – a disease that is slowly paralyzing me. Right now, my art takes three forms:

  • I smear watercolor paint around, enjoying the way the colors blend. (You can see those above some of my blog posts.)
  • I learn from my left brain through creative experiments.
  • I make mouth drawings with watercolor pencils, ink , or using an iPad and Art Studio. (You can see those above other blog posts.)

If you have thoughts about art and beauty – especially if you are an artist with a disability – I’d love to hear from you!

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