front-cover-dsThis is a book about monsters. Not the cute, laughably incompetent ones you see in animated movies, but the ones you meet in your own life: ugly thoughts, unexpected losses, inexcusable evils.At age twenty, Kate Wolfe-Jenson had already discovered her monster-mind. She was an expert at negative thinking and expecting disaster. Then she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Together, the monsters whipped her into a wild dance, MS tapping out fear and sadness and her monster-mind twirling it into depression, rage and grief. It seemed like the monsters would win. A decade after being diagnosed, she discovered that what she knew about the creative process could help her deal with the frustrations of living with chronic illness (and life in general). Through that understanding, she entered into a dance with illness and healing, rather than running from them.Through memoir, essay and fanciful stories, this book explores the landscape of chronic illness, describes its contours and invites you onto the dance floor.

Praise from Readers

“amazing, a beautiful blending of honesty and creativity.” Rev. Bebe Baldwin
It rang so true for me and my journey after the cancer diagnosis.” Pat Nyman
“only those with a chronic sickness… truly know what it feels like day in and day out. I just gave up because I could never find the words. Your way works.  Ed Krawiecki 15-year MS veteran

Cultivating Purpose

Cultivating Purpose

In these in-between times of pandemic, we each need a reason to get up and moving and sustain ourselves across quiet days of isolation. Purpose can be an animating factor. Purpose, suggests Kira M. Newman isn’t something we find. It’s something we “can cultivate...

Inviting Joy in the Midst of Illness

Inviting Joy in the Midst of Illness

When you are ill, there are days when your body needs careful, loving attention and you can’t begin to think about joy. That’s okay. Know that those days won’t last forever. Joy will come, but you may need to invite it. Let your mouth curve into a smile. Think “in...

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